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Curating an Aesthetic on Instagram for Your Brand

Curating an Aesthetic on Instagram for Your Brand

Curating an Aesthetic on Instagram for Your Brand

Curating an Aesthetic on Instagram for Your Brand: Is your brand’s Instagram making a big impression? In the modern world, a strong and engaging Instagram aesthetic helps UK brands shine and reach their audiences. Designing a unique visual identity that truly shows your brand personality is key. This way, you use Instagram marketing to get more known, build loyalty, and boost sales.

Instagram is hugely popular with over two billion users every month. It’s a great place for brands to spotlight their offerings and what they believe in. But, since so many businesses are competing, it’s important to have a style that’s easy to spot and attractive. This article will dive into crafting a strong Instagram aesthetic that speaks to your audience and boosts your brand online.

Why Instagram Aesthetics Matter for UK Brands

Today, staying consistent on Instagram is non-negotiable for up-and-coming brands. A beautiful and coherent feed can make customers more interested in what you offer. It helps your brand’s visuals stick in people’s minds.
Your Instagram look should be well-planned to attract more viewers. When all your posts show your brand’s style, it’s easier for followers to connect with you. This draws more likes, comments, and shares. In turn, it builds a community feeling around your brand.
Think about the advantages a great Instagram feed can bring to your brand:
  • More interaction with your customers
  • Better remembrance of your brand
  • Your feed becomes more visually appealing
  • Keeping your brand message clear across all marketing types
UK brands can stand out by focusing on a unique and appealing Instagram style. They grab people’s attention, create real bonds, and boost their business. Next, we’ll look into ways to show your brand’s personality on Instagram and make an eye-catching feed.

Defining Your Brand's Unique Instagram Personality

To create a unique and engaging Instagram look for your audience, knowing what makes your brand special is key. You need to look at your brand guidelines, know who you are aiming for, and make sure your Instagram shows what your brand stands for.

Revisiting Your Brand Guidelines

Start by going over your brand’s guidelines carefully. This includes how you look, sound, your mission, and what you believe in. Pick out the important words, pictures, and values that describe your brand. These are the basics for building your Instagram style and making sure your posts have the same feel.

Identifying Your Target Audience on Instagram

Understanding who you want to see your Instagram next. Use Instagram’s tools to study who follows you now, such as their age, gender, and location. Look at how many people in your audience are on Instagram and what they like. This knowledge will help shape your Instagram to better suit them.

Aligning Your Instagram Personality with Your Brand Values

Using what you know about your brand and who your followers are, decide on an Instagram style. This is how your brand would act if it was a person on Instagram. Make sure it matches your brand’s values. Doing this will make your followers trust and recognise you more.
For instance, if you’re all about being creative and new, your Instagram should show that. It can be through cool pictures, different viewpoints, and discussing the future. By doing this, you show what your brand is all about in a way that people remember and like.
When making your Instagram unique, remember a few important things:
  • It must reflect what your brand stands for.
  • It has to speak to your audience’s likes and what they expect.
  • It should make your brand stand out from others in your area.
  • It should always feel the same, no matter where on Instagram people find you
By clearly defining what makes your brand’s Instagram special, you start creating a look and feel that people will love. This can make people want to connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Selecting a Cohesive Colour Palette for Your Instagram Feed

When you’re thinking about making your Instagram make an impression, it’s key to pick the right colours. Choosing the right palette can show off what your brand is about. It can also make people feel the way you want them to when they look at your posts.
Start by picking out the main colours that stand for your brand. You probably already use these colours in your logo and on your website. Using these colours often on Instagram helps people recognise your brand. It also makes your feed look uniform and attractive.

Incorporating Complementary Accent Colours

Adding other colours to your main palette can make your Instagram feed stand out even more. Think about colours that match well but also add a little something extra. These extra colours can be used occasionally to draw attention to special parts of your posts or to create a certain feeling.
Tip: Use a colour wheel to pick colours that will really make your feed pop, like ones that contrast well or ones that flow nicely together.

Leveraging Colour Psychology to Evoke Emotions

The colours you choose affect how your brand’s Instagram is seen. Different colours make people feel different things. It’s important to choose colours that send the right message about your brand. Here are some common colour feelings:
  • Red: Excitement, passion, urgency
  • Blue: Trust, stability, calmness
  • Green: Growth, harmony, balance
  • Yellow: Optimism, creativity, warmth
  • Purple: Luxury, royalty, spirituality
When you’re picking colours, think about the feelings you want to create. Remember, the meaning of colours can change based on the shade and the culture of your viewers.
Colour Palette Example Brand Personality Emotional Impact

Soft pastels (pink, mint, lavender)

Feminine, delicate, soothing

Calming, nurturing, gentle
Bold primaries (red, blue, yellow)
Playful, energetic, confident
Excitement, joy, optimism
Earth tones (brown, green, terracotta)
Natural, organic, grounded
Stability, warmth, authenticity
By choosing the right colours, your Instagram can really stand out. Your posts will capture attention and show what your brand is all about in a busy social media world.

Establishing a Consistent Instagram Photography Style

Building a beautiful Instagram feed is key for UK brands online. It’s about finding a style that reflects your brand’s look and message. This includes the way you edit photos, use filters, and keep a consistent visual theme. Doing this will draw in your followers and strengthen your brand’s image.
Choosing the right editing style is vital. It should match your brand’s colours and vibe. If your brand is lively, go for bold, high-contrast edits. But if it’s all about calm and nature, opt for soft edits and natural light. This sets the right mood for your content.
Sticking to a set of filters helps too. Use the same one or a few for all your photos. This creates a unified look that people will recognise as yours. It’s a simple trick that boosts your brand’s visibility and gets people more engaged with your photos.
To keep your Instagram feed looking cohesive, follow these pointers:
  • Make a guideline for your photos, covering things like how they’re composed and edited
  • Always use the same camera settings or editing presets for a uniform appearance
  • Think ahead about how your posts will look together on your feed
  • Periodically check your feed to ensure it’s staying true to your style and brand
Photography Style Characteristics Suitable for
Vibrant colours, sharp details, bold shadows
Energetic, youthful, and creative brands
Dreamy, hazy, and ethereal look
Calming, organic, and lifestyle brands
Clean lines, simple compositions, negative space
Modern, sophisticated, and luxury brands
Warm tones, faded colours, film-like grain
Nostalgic, retro, and artisanal brands
By nailing down your Instagram photo style, UK brands can make a feed that’s not just pretty but also true to their brand. It’s worth spending time on your unique look. You’ll see your Instagram page become more popular and appealing.

Creating Engaging Instagram Captions That Reflect Your Brand Voice

Making great Instagram captions is key in showing your brand’s look online. The words you pick should fit your pictures and show what your brand is about. This makes people feel closer and like your page more.

Crafting Captions That Align with Your Brand Personality

To get your message across, make sure your captions match your brand’s vibe. Think about what tone, words, and style your brand stands for. Whether funny, helpful, or deep, keeping it the same helps your brand’s image stay strong and trustworthy.

Utilising Emojis and Spacing for Visual Appeal

Capturing attention online is also about how your words look. Using emojis well can make your posts more fun and touching. Also, breaking long texts up and using spaces better helps people read and enjoy your posts.

Incorporating Relevant Hashtags for Increased Visibility

Hashtags boost how many people see your photos and help you find fans. Always use hashtags that fit your brand and what your post is about. Think about making your own hashtag too. This can bring in more followers and make your captions stand out more.
Good Instagram captions keep your brand true and engaging online. Use emojis, spaces, and hashtags wisely. This way, your brand’s Instagram page will grow, and your followers will feel more connected. And don’t forget, keep the look and feel of all your posts the same.

Designing Eye-Catching Instagram Highlight Covers

Instagram highlight covers are a great way to show off your brand’s identity. They make your profile look the same throughout. This makes your profile look professional and attractive to visitors. It’s key to keep your cover designs simple and in line with your brand’s look. By sticking to a certain style, your Instagram profile will appear well put together.
Using one background style for all your covers can make them look uniform. This makes your profile more memorable and reinforces your brand identity. Think about the colours and styles that fit your brand when choosing your highlight cover designs.
To make stunning highlight covers, use tools like Canva. These sites have many templates. They help you make covers that look great and match your brand.

Curating a Brand Aesthetic on Instagram: Tips and Best Practises

Creating a stunning Instagram feed is key for UK brands to grow online. It helps them reach their audience effectively. With a clear plan and by keeping the look consistent, brands can create a strong online brand. This approach grabs followers’ attention and encourages them to act. Let’s look at some top tips for achieving a successful brand look on Instagram.

Planning Your Instagram Grid Layout

Choosing how your Instagram grid looks is important for a tidy and appealing feed. You can use a single background or mix and match posts for a unique style. Many tools can help you see how posts look before you share them. This way, you can adjust to make sure everything fits together well.

Maintaining Consistency Across All Instagram Content

Keeping your Instagram content consistent is vital. Make sure your posts, Stories, profile picture, and bio all look like they are from the same brand. Use the same colours, fonts, and images in everything to make your brand stand out. This helps make your brand more memorable and recognisable to your followers.
“Consistency is the key to building a strong brand identity on Instagram. By ensuring that all elements of your profile work together harmoniously, you create a memorable and engaging experience for your followers.” – Social Media Expert

Regularly Evaluating and Refining Your Instagram Aesthetic

To keep your Instagram look fresh and interesting, check how well your strategy is working. Look at what posts your followers like the most and what they say. Here are some ways to keep your aesthetic up to date:
  • Analyse top-performing posts to identify which elements resonate with your audience
  • Conduct regular aesthetic evaluations to ensure your visual identity remains relevant and appealing
  • Seek feedback from your followers to gauge their perception of your brand’s Instagram presence
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest Instagram trends and adapt your aesthetic accordingly
Constantly tweaking your Instagram look keeps it engaging for your followers.
By following these tips, brands can make an Instagram feed that really stands out. Remember, a well-thought-out and largely consistent look is how you stand out on Instagram.

Instagram Aesthetic Inspiration: UK Brand Examples

Looking for ideas to improve your brand’s Instagram look? Check out what other businesses are doing on Instagram. You can learn a lot by looking at what works in your field. Then, adapt these ideas to make your brand’s look even better.

Analysing Successful Instagram Aesthetics in Your Industry

First, find some top brands in your niche on Instagram. Notice the style they use. It could be bright colours, pastels, simple designs, or something moody.
Think about how they use this style in their photos, texts, and Stories. It all fits together well to make their brand stand out.
Check out these UK brands for inspiration:
Brand Industry Aesthetic
Bright, colourful, and playful
The White Company
Home and lifestyle
Clean, minimalist, and sophisticated
Bloom & Wild
Floral delivery
Soft, romantic, and nature-inspired
Outdoor clothing
Earthy, rugged, and adventurous

Drawing Inspiration from Top-Performing Posts

Once you’ve found some cool brand looks, look into their best posts. Use tools to see which posts got a lot of likes and comments.
See what makes these posts so popular. Look at things like:
  • Colour choices
  • How the pictures are taken
  • What the captions say
  • Posts by followers
  • How they use hashtags
For example, try a unique flat lay photo style, like a post that did really well, to see if people like it.
While learning from successful brands is helpful, stay true to your brand. Make sure your look shows who you are and what you value. This way, your Instagram will be unique to you.

Measuring the Impact of Your Instagram Aesthetic on Brand Engagement

It’s important to look closely at our best posts to find out why they do so well. Maybe it’s the bright, vivid colours that stand out, or our unique way of taking photos. Learning what our audience enjoys most lets us tweak our plan and do even better.
Keeping a cool Instagram style is a steady job. We must always check our numbers and use them to decide what to do. This makes sure our look is always modern and sticks to what our brand is about. By moving with the times and updating our style, we create a space where people want to keep coming back. This helps to make real connections and push our brand forward on one of the top social media sites.


What is an Instagram aesthetic, and why is it important for UK brands?

An Instagram aesthetic is the way a brand’s Instagram feed looks. It’s about the colours, photos, and designs that make it unique. For UK brands, having a great Instagram aesthetic is key. It makes the brand stand out and draws in customers, leading to more sales.

How can UK brands define their unique Instagram personality?

UK brands can make their Instagram stand out by sticking to their brand rules. They should use the same words, images, and values that they normally do. This will make their Instagram feel like a true reflection of their brand.

What role does colour play in creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic?

Choosing the right colours is crucial for a great Instagram look. UK brands need about three to five main colours. This includes their logo colours and extras that fit the brand’s vibe. The colours should also reflect the emotions the brand wants to share.

How can UK brands establish a consistent Instagram photography style?

UK brands can keep their photos looking the same by choosing similar colours and editing styles. These photos should match the brand’s colour scheme. Using the same filters and editing rules will make everything look cohesive.

What are some tips for creating engaging Instagram captions that reflect a brand's voice?

To make captions interesting and in line with their brand, UK brands should use emojis and good spacing. This makes long captions easier to read. Using the right hashtags helps reach more people too. And, keeping a consistent style in captions keeps the look of the Instagram page tidy.

How can UK brands design eye-catching Instagram Highlight covers?

Highlight covers on Instagram can show a brand’s unique style. Keeping these designs clear and simple is best. UK brands can use the same look for all Highlight covers. Using tools like Canva makes it easy to create them.

What are some best practises for curating a brand aesthetic on Instagram?

To make their Instagram better, UK brands should plan how they post. They can use the same background or alternate post types for a neat look. Keeping everything, from posts to the bio, looking consistent is important. And, they should change things up based on how their audience reacts.

How can UK brands find inspiration for their Instagram aesthetic?

To get ideas for their Instagram, UK brands can look at what other successful brands do. Watching how these brands use their aesthetic in posts and Stories is helpful. They can learn a lot by watching what kind of posts their followers like most.

What metrics should UK brands track to measure the impact of their Instagram aesthetic on engagement?

UK brands should keep an eye on how many followers they get, engagement rates, and how people feel about their brand. They can use Instagram’s analysis tools. This helps them see what works best and improve their Instagram look and content.